Lou Casse - Ferme Gasconne

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Lou Casse

"Lou Casse" organic farm - think globally, act locally.

We are Laurent Lacrouts and Mathieu Jourdain from the total independant rock band: The Inspector Cluzo. In 2013, we decided to buy the farm: "Lou Casse" located in Eyres- Moncubes in Chalosse (Landes) right in the middle of Gascony.

After more than 800 gigs in 44 countries within 8 years we saw the desasters made by the economical globalization and its consequences: pollution, ultra urbanism, rural desertification, world companies massively buying fields, poverty, junk food, wars due to monopolies, and so on...

Hence we decided to act thinking globally, acting locally, at our humble scale, not willing to change the world. We had two goals in mind:

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Actu d
Tomorrow - back to the market
Sat Nov. 3rd we'll be back to the market at Mont de Marsan with LOU CASSE products.
The French club tour has just finished, let's get back to the real work!

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M6 - 66 minutes
The Inspector Cluzo @ M6 French TV Channel,
program: 66 minutes
Report by Lizzie Treu
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